Oscarfish.Com Rules

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You must be 13 years or older to register on these forums; however anyone of any age may browse the public sections of the site.


Charter is a website dedicated towards the conscientious keeping of fish. In general, advice is given from this perspective. While there are many opinions and various methods for keeping fish, only those that do not advocate unnecessary stress, suffering, or torture will be tolerated here. The wellbeing of the fish we love is our first priority here.


All members participating on this site are asked to show common courtesy towards fellow members and to behave in a civil manner here. Foul language, name-calling, personal attacks, general rudeness, harassment, racism, suggestive or sexually inappropriate material, instigating flame wars, and any other behavior that is deemed by the Administrators or Moderators to be generally detrimental to the overall flow and peace of the community will not be tolerated. The site does have a word filter; however attempts to bypass it or use it as a safe way to "curse/swear" will not be tolerated. The language filter is there to prevent other individuals from being offended until an Administrator or Moderator can intervene; it not there to prevent the person using such language from being reprimanded.


Spamming by private message, e-mail, or public posts, or any other type of Communication is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. This includes all posts made solely to advertise another website, especially those of a commercial nature. References to other websites in support of the content of a post are perfectly acceptable as long as the person making it is not receiving any sort of personal gain by doing so (monetary compensation, discounts, favors, additional personal web traffic, or otherwise). For example: When a particular product, fishkeeping technique, news item, etc is under discussion, a specific link to a site with more information on the topic, or where such items can be purchased would not be considered SPAM as long are you are not receiving any personal gain by posting that link.


Advice Forums
Advice forums exist solely for the exchange of advice. If your post or part of your post is not designed with the intention of exchanging advice, it does not belong in the advice forums and will be regarded as SPAM. Things such as (but not limited to) jokes, unnecessary/useless comments, or complaints do not belong in the advice forums. These things clutter up the threads and potentially cause altercations that are not conducive towards the advice giving process. Jokes or unnecessary/useless comments that are not designed to give advice belong in the Off-Topic Chit/Chat forum. Complaints of any nature should be sent to an Administrator or Moderator via the post report function, private message, or even e-mail so the issue may be dealt with in an appropriate manner.


Signatures and Avatars
The use of signatures and avatar images are provided for all members of Avatars shall be no larger than 140 x 140 pixels and 48 kilobytes or smaller. Signatures should not exceed 5 lines (blank lines included) vertically. Horizontally the signature should not cause the screen to resize (the screen should remain the normal width). Graphics in the signatures should be no larger than 350 x 150 and 64 kilobytes or smaller. Signatures should not be overly distracting or disrupt the site in any way. Animated signatures should not be displayed more than once per thread.


Off-Topic Chit/Chat Forum
Individual forums including (but not limited to) the Off-Topic Chit/Chat forum may be governed by a slightly different set of rules or have additional rules. These rules may supersede and/or add to the general rules outlined here.


Administrator and Moderator Discretion

The enforcement of these rules is at the complete discretion of the Administrators and Moderators of this site and every situation is dealt with strictly on a case-by-case basis.