How Do I Change IE8 Compatibility Mode?

Written by Kmuda. Posted in Miscellaneous


If you are using I.E. 8 to browse this site, it is recommended you place I.E. 8 into “Compatibility Mode”. There are two options to do so. The first option, once you access the site, the “Compatibility Mode” Icon will be listed just to the right of the URL in your task bar. Just click on this icon and the site will reload in “Compatibilty Mode”.




Note: The below instructions assume your “Menu Bar” is activated, which is not the default in I.E. 8. If you do not have a “Tools” option listed underneath the URL menu, right-click anywhere in the gray area of the menu bar (somewhere left of the “Home” button) and select “Menu Bar”, then proceed with the below instructions.


A more permanent solution is to configure Oscarfish.Com to always be displayed in compatibility mode. To do so, from your menu bar, select “Tools, then “Compatibility View Settings”. One the “Compatibiltiy View Settings” load, under “Add this website:”, input Oscarfish.Com, as in the below example:



Then click the “Add” button to the right. Oscarfish.Com should be added to the “Websites you've added to Compatibility View”, as in the below example:




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