HBH Pet Products

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HBH Pet Products Contact Information:

HBH Pet Products

1060 N Spring Creek Place

Springville, UT 84663

Toll Free   800-766-3474
Local   801-489-3815
fax   801-489-3175



Country: United States


HBH Company Information:

HBH began in 1988 as a plastics fabrication company.  One area they specialized in was the fabrication of custom built aquariums and filtration. In 1991, they released a line of 4 different fish foods, transforming the company. Today, HBH is one of the worlds largest producers of fish food. Think of them as the "Diamond" (for those of you familiar with the Dog Food Industry) of the Fish Food Industry. While they manufacture their own foods, they also manufacture foods for a lot of other companies. Many of the foods you buy labeled as one thing, are actually made by HBH. Most "Private Label" foods, such as "Big Al's" bulk flakes and pellets, are manufactured by HBH.


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