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TOPIC: Leopard Oscar?

Leopard Oscar? 8 months 3 weeks ago #71495

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I bought what was being called a leopard oscar yesterday at a LFS. Beautiful little fish with pretty colors and pattern. Is this a distinct type of oscar, same as a zebra or what? Any thoughts? I understand it may change colors as it matures?
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Leopard Oscar? 8 months 3 weeks ago #71496

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Just a designer name. Sounds flashy, but means nothing. Unless they somehow got a hold of A. crassipinnis, all of the Oscars you buy from a LFS are either Wild-type (also called common) Tiger Oscars, Red Oscars, Lutino Oscars, Tiger Lutino Oscars, or the rare True albino.

There are also 'Super Red' Oscars, and 'Lemon Oscars' but be wary of the source when buying these as I've seen lots of people get ripped off buying these guys.

Just loosely based on the name you provided, my guess is its a wild-type or a tiger Oscar.
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Leopard Oscar? 8 months 3 weeks ago #71505

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Leopard Oscar? Sounds someone was confused and meaned Tiger Oscar what is like rush said the mostly most commen line breed.

The commen Oscar is also a missleading name. There is no thing like a commen Oscar because Astronotus ocellatus has like 2 to 3 dozen differnt commen Variants.
What is mostly meaned is the darker not so fancy Oscar that is more gray to black with the single eye spot on his tail fin but this variants can be found from brazil to Venezuela and Columbia.

Regulary you can say if a baby Oscar has very bright colors from red to orange it is 99% Tiger. Natural variants are very colorful until they hit 2 inches. From there they are pretty dull until they hit adulthood after 12 to 15 months and the adult coloration starts to come up.

Your last question. Yes Oscars morph several times there coloration in the first 2 years. On many cichlids you see a commen effect in there pattern but especially line breed Oscars have because of the crossings of different parent fish totally random colorations.
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