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TOPIC: Python water changer???? Good or bad???

Python water changer???? Good or bad??? 1 year 8 months ago #69317

  • muddybear
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beretta96 wrote:
In order to keep the tank draining with the python for the tanks that sit at the same altitude as the drain.

Ahhhhhh, Gotcha buddy.
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Python water changer???? Good or bad??? 1 year 8 months ago #69319

  • FreshyFesh
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Anything that eliminates a bucket brigade is a good thing, Python or otherwise. I too wouldn't have multiple tanks if they all required bucket dump and fills.
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Python water changer???? Good or bad??? 1 year 5 months ago #70145

  • waycool
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Brilliant but Kits come with hose lengths of 25′, 50′, 75′, and 100′.  Python also comes with extension sections of hose you can add to any kit.  The problem is the pricing for these longer options.  The 75′ water change kit comes to around $80.  That means you are having to pay $50 for another 50′ of hose.  That is a bit steep.

Build your own python water changer for $20 or £16 spec-tanks.com/how-to-make-your-own-pyth...m-water-changer-diy/

It is very simple to do and you save big.
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Python water changer???? Good or bad??? 11 months 4 days ago #71195

  • Jessie
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Not all that many pieces of equipment I rave about - but like this thing and my Steam controller, man, I'll never go back to the "old way".

-My back is so thankful I'm no longer changing my 125 gallon's water by bucket
-Really easy to do a good sweep of the surface layer of gravel to make sure you grab any gunk the filter's missed
-Makes it really easy to refill with water of a consistent temp (just don't be running the dishwasher or something that may cause variance with your water heater) - but I love that I can pull the end out of the water so it's just sucking air, and test water coming from my faucet through the open output (I usually just use a cup and digital thermometer) and tweak as much as I want until it's the exact temp I need to match the tank before refilling
-Frees up so much time! My 125 takes a WHILE to fill after a normal water change with the water pressure on the nearest faucet, but now that I'm not doing it by bucket, when it's refilling, I know I have a good 15 minutes or so to get something else done
-It saves me a bit on my water bill since during the summer, for the water I'm taking OUT I can hook this up to the outside garden hose, so it's not charging for sewer and the pressure is more than enough to just have it open a bit and still get plenty of pull, plus the flowers right around there love the extra nutrients from the fish water (I just lay a piece of PVC tube over the output so that the water doesn't just pool next to my house, so it runs toward a flower bed)
-I've had mine a couple years now and it's still going great with no problems except ones I've caused myself!

-You need decent water pressure
-may need to buy some faucet adapters, but the one I needed for the downstairs sink was cheap and easy to find at the hardware store
-if you have a lot of live plants I've found it can clog a bit if you don't notice and get plant debris in there, but I'm talking like long leaf ferns and such
-Since I added another 25' extension I've noticed I get kinks in my hoses - it's from the bin they're stored in I'm pretty sure, but it's a little annoying that it seems no matter how I wind them up they seem to have certain spots where they like to fold on themselves
-If I had teeney tiny fish I might be worried by this - I've almost sucked up a snail once - the solution is simple though, it's a matter of paying attention, because at least with my water pressure the draw is slow enough that anything as heavy as a thumbnail sized snail is going to loft about in the vacuum tube part for a bit before getting sucked into the hose, so if I see somebody or a piece of debris bigger than I want it trying to clean up, just shake it around a bit, it's pretty easy to make matter fall back out.

Honestly...this thing is amazing and takes tank cleaning from taking up most of every other Saturday to being a couple hours (4 tanks currently running in my house). I love most of all how this thing allows me to multitask to much more while cleaning the bigger tanks, can just let it run and check it every few minutes if you set it up right.
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Python water changer???? Good or bad??? 11 months 11 hours ago #71210

  • Rob167
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run cold water through after and it will harden up and not kink as bad

cons over bucket-
twice i forgot..and almost killed fish but caught them gasping with no water
once filled over the top
you dont forget what youre diong with a bucket
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