Ken's Freeze Dried Krill Superba

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This is the premium Antarctic Krill harvested in the pristine waters off the coast of Antarctica. The food value of this crustacean is very high providing high protein and valuable nutrients and minerals some of which are not found in other foods. Its exoskeleton contains high levels of natural color enhancing pigments in the form of astaxanthin. It is also among the most costly of food for your fish due to the distance it must travel to reach our market. The difficulty in harvesting in cold waters, and it's superior nutrient value keeps it a much used ingredient in many prepared foods and also used as a special breeding conditioning food for many breeders.                                          
Approx Analysis: 60% protein, 8% fat, 11% carbohydrates, 10% ash, 5% moisture, pigment (astaxanthin) 150-200 ppm.


Ken's Fish Freeze Dried Krill Superba Review

by Kmuda


Off all of the freeze dried krill brands I've tried, none come close to the "freshness" and quality of this speciality food from It is well worth the slight extra expense of other brands. Krill is well known for containing high levels of astaxanthin, a nutrient that will seriously enhance the orange and red coloration of Oscar fish.

The 1/4lb bag from Ken's fish completely fills a 900ML Azoo Freeze Dried Krill can (the largest can Azoo offers) and will last a good while. Once you open the vacum packed bag, you will notice the difference between this freeze dried krill and others. It smells fresh, almost good enough for you to eat.

I consider this an excellent supplemental food to an Oscar fish diet.


  • Quality: This is the best quality freeze dried krill I've come across. Unlike other brands, it has not dried and crumbled. What you recieve and what you feed your fish are whole krill not krill dust.
  • Health Benefits: A diet too heavy in dried foods can cause constipation which can lead to blockage. While this is labeled as a "dry food", it actually contains more moisture than most pellets and the shells from the krill also act much in the same way as added fiber does to our diet. High in protein, containing high levels of astaxanthin, this is a quality supplement to your Oscar's diet.
  • Texture:  It's a freeze dried food, but it does retain enough moisture so that it does not crumble. Nor do Oscar's (or other large cichlids" find it difficult to eat. Even the larger pieces are consumed with obvious glee and, because it does not easily crumble, the entire krill is consumed. Pieces of it are not turned to dust and shot out the fish's gills.
  • Cost: For such a high quality food, it is low cost compared to other brands at around $9 for 1/4lbs.


  • Availability: You can only order this online at, or catch Ken at one of the many hobby shows where he sets up his booths.
  • Container Size:There is no "trial size" for this food, the smallest container size is 1/4lb, which is basically the equivalent of the largest containers of competitive products. But I prefer to buy in bulk anyway.
  • Storage: Ken ships his foods in vacuum packed bags, which is great until you open it. Then what? Once opened, I transfer the contents of the bag to a 900ML Azoo (freeze dried shrimp) container but you could also use a large zip locked bag.