Texas Cichlid (Herichthys cyanoguttatum)

Written by ~RuSh~. Posted in About Fish


Max Size: 10-12 inches

Minimum recommended tank size: 55 gallons

pH range: 6.5 – 8.0

Water Hardness (dH): 8-25

Temperature: 70-76 (F)

Aggression: Aggressive

Sexing Texas Cichlids:

Females will often display a black spot on their dorsal fin. This spot is often irregularly shaped. It is also not always obvious, and it may come and go. It's not always easy to spot but if you see it, chances are you have a female.

Texas Cichlid Diet:

Omnivore - Diet should consist mainly of pellet foods. Protein based and color enhancing foods are good, but spirulina infused foods should be included as well to ensure a well rounded diet.

Texas Cichlid Overview:

The only cichlid native to the United States, the Texas cichlid is one of my personal favorites. I had a male for about three and a half years. He was an aggressive fish, but not overly abusive to tank mates unless they were constantly challenging him. I kept him with oscars, convicts, green terrors, and several types of catfish and dithers. He did well with all of them provided there was enough room. A single male could be kept in a 55g tank and you could possibly breed a pair in a 55g as well with a divider. If you want other large tank mates you'll need a 6ft tank. My Texas cichlid wasn't a particularly fast growing specimen; I think he may have been the runt of the group but I have heard of half inch per month rates. Once they reach 7-8 inches the growth will slow dramatically. After having him for three and a half years mine died suddenly for reasons I can't explain. He was 10.5 inches TL ( Total length). Definitely a 'must have' if you are into large aggressive cichlids.