Fluval 204 And The 404

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Ok, well, soo many people have stuff against Fluvals.. I understand that fully because the x03 models were junk.. But I am now going to talk about the 404 and 204…


Setup is a breeze.. The filter includes 2 Pouches of Carbon, and 2 Pouches of Bio-Max Media. Double that if it is a 404… Well, It is a simple setup, All you need to to is install the impeller, Cut the hoses to length, Wash off the media, install the O - Ring, Place the Aqua Stop on the filter, and place it where you want it, Attach the hoses to the tank, and Connect everything. After that, there is a pull key that you push and pull to start to prime the filter. During this process, you will see a lot of air bubbles coming from the output, this is a good thing… After that is complete, top-off the tank, and plug in the filter, It will let some air out, and then it will start to flow, very powerfully… If it is too powerful, on the aquastop there is a valve to shut off some of the flow, so it will slow down the filter a little… I run mine with All Ceramic Bio-Max rings in the media baskets and foam on the foam trays… But, there is also a small backet that sits in the top one, so if you want to temporarily place something in the filter, it makes it easier to get it in and out…


I personally think that this is a VERY WELL MADE filter… It uses thich tough plastic and everything about it is well made.. The hoses are ribbed so there will be no kinks in the lines, and they secureley attach to the aqua-atop and there is a screw that holds them on, very tightly… Also, They made a new latch design, Instead od placing the top of the cannister on it, and closing the locks which make it tight, there are pieces that hang down, and they connect to the cannister part of the filter, and you close the levers up, which in turn pulls the cannister top down and creating a nice tight seal. The impeller section is very well made, and there is a pice in there that is close to the magnet so that “junk” cant collect on the magnet.


Maintance is a breeze… All you need to do is close the aqua stop, and disconnect it, then you just take the cannister to wherever you want to clean it… After that, you just remove the top of the cannister and pull out the Media baskets, and the foam section… I just shake the baskets in tank water and squeeze all the crap out of the filter foam strips in tank water… Works quite well… Very easy to reassemble, and the aquastop is a real + on this filter!


This overall is a great filter, and I highly recommend it to anyone who need a good quality filter..

**Kmuda's Note:**

  • The 04 line was no better than the 03 line, and the 05 line is no better than the 04 line, even though they increased the price by almost $100. Subsequently, the problems appear to continue with the 06 line.
  • Fluvals (excluding the FX5) are designed by Satan and manufactured in the depths of Hell for the express purpose of making lives miserable. FIXME

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