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Oscar Fish - Astronotus ocellatus - A General Overview

OSCARPAIR2Scientific Name: Astronotus ocellatus (invalid/outdated synonyms: Lobotes ocellatus,  Cychla rubroocellata, Acara compressus, Acara hyposticta, Astronotus ocellatus zebra, and Astronotus orbiculatus)

Common Names: Oscar Fish, Velvet Cichlid, Marbled Cichlid, or any number of color/pattern variations + Oscar (Tiger Oscar, Red Oscar, Common Oscar, Albino Oscar, Lutino Oscar, Wild Type Oscar)

Size: 12-16 inches standard length (SL) and up to 3.5 pounds (though closer to 12+ inches SL is more typical in a home aquarium).  When young, can grow at the impressive rate of up to 1+ inches per month.  Don't be fooled by their small purchase size and get a small tank thinking you will have time to upgrade later; this is a common mistake.

Oscar Fish Overview

Types of Oscars

Oscars are all the same species (Astronotus ocellatus), however, there are several color varieties and forms available. The most common varities are those Oscars we normally see at most fish stores are Tiger Oscars, Red Oscars, and Common Oscars. This article is a photographic record of the different types of oscars.

Oscar Varieties, A Photographic Record of Different Types of Oscar Fish (Astronotus Ocellatus)

Oscar Fish Profiles

Have a Tiger OscarRed Oscar a Common/Wild Type Oscar?, or want to know the difference between Albino and Lutino Oscars?, we have profiles identifying the origins of each type of oscar fish.

Oscar Fish Care - New Oscar Owners

For more information about Oscar fish care (tank setup, necessary equipment, etc), please read the New Oscar Owner Information Packet in our article database. The one stop shop for everything you need to know about Oscars!