Ocean Star International (OSI)

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Ocean Star International (OSI) Contact Information:

Ocean Star International

65 North Stone Road 

Snowville, UT 84336

Phone (435) 872-8217


Contact: None. It would appear they don't want to be found.

Country: United States

Ocean Nutrition Company Information:

Ocean Star Internation (OSI) was founded in 1981. In 2011, their sales totaled $4.4 million. The president of the company is Simon Soul-Sun Goe, who was sued in 2005 for non payment of $1.8 million in business deals in Iran (associated with the cultivation of brine shrimp eggs). Goe sought to have the case dismissed on the grounds of Executive Order 12,959 (now superseded by Executive Order 13,059) which prohibits United States citizens from investing in and trading with Iran. What does this have to do with fish food, not a darn thing. But it reads like a spy novel.

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