Marineland Magnum 350

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Marineland Magnum 350

Postby Kmuda » Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:57 pm

The site review for the Marineland Magnum 350 can be found here: ... agnum.html

Please reply to this thread with your own review of the Marineland Magnum 350.
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Re: Marineland Magnum 350

Postby lalathewonderfish007 » Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:24 pm

Just bought one of these canisters this week so can't really speak to its longevity or effectiveness just yet. But can give some first impressions and insight into setup.

Out of the box: Was surprised to find that all the media was carbon, I had over looked this. Also surprised to see that the polisher was to be used separately, as in switched in and out with carbon as necessary. Glad to see polisher is reusable.

As a caveat, this is my first canister installation/use, so I cannot speak with reference to how this setup compares to others, only to how this installation went for me:

Out of the box, parts appeared to be of decent quality (tubing, intakes etc, however i imagine there are indeed higher grade materials). Most steps in the setup went fairly smoothly, there were exceptions: after filling the media chamber, discovered that if not careful it is rather easy to spill (made a big mess fumbling the lid off, fairly easily.) Had to sweep all the carbon off the floor while my toddler played in it as i swept, rrrg.

Steps 1-5 of setup went pretty smooth.

Didn't like that I had measure and cut the hoses into 4... why didn't they just provide (2) 5" pieces instead of making me do it? Cuts would have been cleaner and my kitchen shears happier if I didn't have to do it. That being said - thick high quality hoses!

Had problems getting one compression valve to compress which is probably because I put silicone lub on it and shouldn't have and my cut wasn't perfect (harkening back to "why don't they just give 2 precut 5" hoses?). Don't use the lubricant where the compressions vales are! Took me about 30 minutes of wrestling before I called in the hubby for back up; took him about 15 minutes. But we got it done.

hang up came with the "quick-disconnect valves" - must be very careful that they do not slip off. I checked and double checked during installation and they had come lose a handfull of times - have not had that problem now that it's up and running. They appear to be staying put nicely like the should.

Biggest challenge was getting the heavy duty hoses out of my stand and to tank due to stiffness and the fact that my aquarium is nearly flush with the wall. If you have space this shouldn't be a problem but if you don't... have fun with that.

Last issue was with outlet tube diffuser, the distance it comes into the tank is not very far, maybe an 1.5" meaning the tank must be all the way full for them to function properly, my settled-and-not-completely-level-anymore tank is filled to the brim so that the tube is sufficiently submerged.

Ditched the brackets to secure intake out take because they were causing more problems the helping.

About 2.5 hrs (1/2 of the time wasted on my dumb mistakes and because tank was so close to wall) primed (easily) and up and running.

Clarity is WAY BETTER in less than 24 hours. HUGE IMPROVEMENT!
Super Quiet, I can barely hear the thing at all!
In the end - through it all I'm pleased with my purchase and the price I paid.
I plan on switching carbon for biomedia.
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Re: Marineland Magnum 350

Postby ljones » Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:12 pm

Only thing I have to add is that they may have changed the design of the media basket a bit, because mine did not work like the picture in the instructions and it was kind of a PITA. Had to hold the post in the middle of the media basket (not the latch post, but the larger hollow one) while filling the basket with Biomax, then put the top down over it, meaning the basket got extremely contorted and even spilled more than once.

Wound up holding the basket together with a few rubber bands, made it significantly easier, though still not easy. Probably took me 6 tries to get the media basket filled and assembled properly. I'm pleased with the results now that it's been up and running for a few weeks, but do expect some level of frustration.
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Never even got it to work

Postby el_oscuro » Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:28 pm

I have always used HOB filters for my aquariums. However, when setting up a new 75G tank I couldn't find one which fit. So I got this - it was the only one I could find that fit. I had never used a canister filter, but how hard could it be to install?

It turns out, very hard. There were about 20 parts, various valves and hoses and a one page instruction sheet which didn't even really identify the parts much less how they worked. As best as I could tell, I got it installed according to the instructions. However, I could never get it to actually pump any water, and had no filtration until a few days later, I found a store with 2 Aqueon 75 gallon HOB filters which work extremely well.
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