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TOPIC: Trying Imgur, hope these fish pics post ok

Trying Imgur, hope these fish pics post ok 5 months 1 week ago #72174

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120G for a small group with 1 male and 2 to 3 females. The stalsbergi is indeed a fish with more punch, same size as the Riv but deffently more dominant.

A single one in an 75 to 90 is of course possible but boring. Not an fish is comparable with Astronotus, Amphilophus or Parachromis Managu or Dovii.

Keeped alone a Riv will most likley be a hider for 70/80%. Personaly i don't like solidary keeping of Chichlids. There are enough fish that live alone like Wolffish or predatory cats that don't like much company but cichlids are mostly group animals. Still if I would keep one by himself and i want personslity it would be Astronotus, Citrunellum, Chancho, Hoga, trimaculatus or maybe an Jag but especially the Chanco and Jag will need long term an 120 for itself because the go up to 15".
Dovii and Umbees are also very popular but outgrow most keepers tanks by time. Here you would be in the region of min 240G for a single male because of size. This big fish also depend to become super aggressive keeped alone because all they have to fight off there tank would be you.

If all you can place is a 55/75G you should watch small and mid size centrals and southern americans. I know most relate them as boring but Amatitlania are aswome for this size. You can keep like two pairs in an minimalistic Layout with alot of Interaction, breeding, little standoffs.
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Trying Imgur, hope these fish pics post ok 5 months 1 week ago #72175

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Aquamoo wrote:
I have been thinking of getting a gold saum as they look beautiful. What size tank do you have yours in and is it solo? I have read that the gold saum is way more peaceful than a true green terror, has yours been aggressive at all? Do you have sumps on any of your tanks or are you strictly HOB's and canister filters only? Also do you keep your tanks in the basement as your aquariums are probably pretty dam heavy. Unluckily for me I live in a very old house with very small wood floor braces so I can not get any big tanks until I move somewhere else :/

Thank You,
- Aquamoo
The Saum is in the 265. It faces off with both the Polleni and other Acara, but just posing mostly. I have had a few over the years, never solo though. Its a good community cichlid, provided other mates are of equal standing. No sump here, all canisters and AC110 hobs. My cans are Fluval FX series and Filstars. Both older Renas and newer API's. My fishroom is ground level, concrete floors. I have had tanks on other floors, as big as 125g, but on outside load bearing walls. Food for thought, pardon the pun.... a fully stocked family sized refrigerator exerts the same pounds per sq in pressure as a 4ft 75 g tank. Weight distribution is the key. Unless your home is very rickety, I wouldn't be concerned with a tank of 120 or so gals. Just not in the middle of the floor,lol.
1600gals of South and Central American cichlids. Some with just a "wee" bit of attitude!
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