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TOPIC: Good size tank for young oscars?

Good size tank for young oscars? 5 years 2 months ago #424

I have three young Oscars that I purchased for about a week now. Two white one black. The black one is quite aggressive towards it's new tank mates so I'm going to move all three to another tank. Problem is right now I only have a 55gal long tank. Is that a good enough size for the young oscars for the moment. And how fast will my Oscars be growing before I would need a bigger size tank?
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Good size tank for young oscars? 5 years 2 months ago #426

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Your Oscars will each be about 1 foot in length and about 3" in width within the first year. As a trio, their bioload will have outgrown the 55 in about 6 months. However, you may start experiencing even more aggression within about 4 months as they start to reach their tweens (in fish maturity).

I would not want to house 2 Oscars in anything less than a 6' 125 gallon tank. The basic rule of thumb is 50 gallons per Oscar but the added territory of a 6' tank lessens the chances of aggression once the fish reach sexual maturity. Three Oscars would require 150 gallons but three is a very bad number. Almost inevitably, the least dominate of the three will be picked on by the other two and eventually killed outright or just harassed to death.
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Good size tank for young oscars? 5 years 2 months ago #429

See. Now that's what I thought. I initially didn't want to get more than just one. But my dad is a big fan of oscars even though he's never had any or kept any. But the lady at my lfs gave us a deal $5 for each. Initially $9 each. So without a doubt he took all three. I know they're aggressive and I do know some basic knowledge. But now I'm just worried because I don't have the funds to get that large of a tank plus the limited amount of space in the house too.

Just wanted to put this out there too. Lol....

Earlier this week one of the Oscars decided to go after my albino corycat which we all know what would happen. He's quite the lucky guy that the cory lodged it's spiny fins before entering the throat. I wasn't unsure what to do at first so I left it for a day. You could see the spines poking out from the sides of his lips so I caught the oscar and snipped off the spines then slowly took the cory out. He's doing a lot better now and closing his mouth. Gave me quite a scare though.
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