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TOPIC: Oscar has blister like bubbles on its head.

Oscar has blister like bubbles on its head. 9 months 4 weeks ago #71624

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Rio Ventuari is also an example for extrems. It's one of the rivers where C. zebrina is native and breed (still not breeded in tanks) and where also Astronotus has a very wide range and the river gets to 95/97 degrees Fahrenheit in the dry season.

At the other hand we even have people here in germany that breed Oscars outdoors o the summer in poly pond tubs and german summers are not known for there long and steady high temperatures.

I also had to admit i keeped Oscars for a period of time with broken heaters and the temp was below 70s. Maybe 18/19 degrees Celsius and the fish still Showed apetite. Of course thEY where slow and not so active but an adult Oscar can handle a very wide temp spectrum.
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Oscar has blister like bubbles on its head. 8 months 2 weeks ago #71829

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I just want to say thanks to everyone that helped out with quick pointers and suggestions so that I could get my new tank up and running as fast as possible and move my oscar into his new home. It has taken a bit but he is now looking so much better. His eyes have cleared up completely and his large bump has almost dissappeared. For a little bit I thought he was going to end up with hole in the head but the indent cleared as well. He seems very happy and swims from one side of the tank to the other when you enter the room and is back to begging for food even though I feel sometimes he may be over eating.

One thing I will point out as a strange occurrence that I have never noticed in my fish's behavior. After moving him to the 150g tank I moved in one of my large plecos from another tank into the tank with him several days later. Several days after that my daughter and I noticed the pleco "tending" to the oscars bump on his head for a few moments and then the oscar would leave and go about his business. We decided to keep an eye on this closely because we were unsure if the oscar was getting worse and the pleco was more so attacking him (even though it really didn't look that way). After several days of close observance we decided that it was almost like the pleco was cleaning that area for the oscar. The oscar would actually swim down to the pleco and put himself in front of the pleco and the pleco would raise himself up on the oscars head and move around the bump area only and then leave once finished the small grooming session. We have not seen the pleco or oscar do this for quite sometime now, especially since the oscar has healed quite nicely. I feed the pleco at night with the tablets so I don't think he is hungry. Did my pleco exhibit some nursing behavior? Did I just get damn lucky that my pleco didn't harm my oscar? Has anyone noticed this type of behavior in their plecos? Just wondering out of interest sake.

I mainly just wanted to come back and give a huge thanks and to see what is new.
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