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TOPIC: Story from losing interest to moving up to 125 gal

Story from losing interest to moving up to 125 gal 1 year 3 months ago #70552

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This may be just an interesting read for some of you…I have been doing this hobby for over 20 years. The last 15, I have had my 55 gallon in our dining room, fish part of the family. My interest in this hobby was on a very slow decline in the past years. This past January, I told the family I may be getting rid of the tank. Gasp! My family does not know what it is like to not have a fish tank. My wife said, why don’t you get a small tank, then all will be easier. So I thought about this. I had one rapheal cat fish from 15 years ago, and 2 silver dollars that are about 10. I had a thought. I am going to get the fish I always wanted, and Oscar! I looked up the tankmates, and was surprised silver dollars would work. As much as I am into computers, internet for years, I never spent time online about aquariums I realized. This site, was the first site I visited and started getting my Oscar info (thank you everyone!) So I had my answer, I told my wife, I am not going to get a smaller tank, rather, I am getting an Oscar then a Bigger tank, as I always wanted a huge tank. February I got my tiny, 2-1/2” Oscar and the hobby was reborn. I added more fish, now totaling 8 and 2 cats. Oscar grew fast, as you all said, and is 7.5” nose to fin. As tight as the 55 was getting, the fish are all getting along. Oscar is not a terror, but she has her moods. Time to get the bigger tank. A month of research, and seeing tanks, I was set on a 90 gallon tall, but had to see the 125 in person. Went to an old Aquarium shop, and saw the 125…big enough! Seeing it is in my formal dining room, I ordered a custom oak cabinet that matches our other cabinets. Along an 8’ wall, supported by 5 joists perpendicular, the 125 tank is in the perfect place. I sister’ed the joints so not even a slim sag, and have it up and going last Friday…14 hour project. I left a big net in the 55, and as fish got in it, I moved them. The Oscar was the first to go, by opportunity. By night, all fish in the new tank, looking out at their small tank! I will say it almost looks comically rude, to see a tank this big in the dining room. It is enormous in a house, much bigger than displayed in a big store. The fish are loving it. The 6 foot swim is great, and the 8 fish have room, hiding places etc. Vacuuming / siphoning the 9 square feet out the window is easier than the 55, as no rushing against water level. Filling for a water change is now easier. Fill temp control water into 30 gallon rubber barrel, treat water, and pump into the 125. No more lifting buckets. So, in the end, bigger tank is easier for maintenance. I now can fully appreciate the endless comments on this board about a big tank, big is the way to go. I will probably add one or two more fish, no rush but room is now plenty. Hey, this Oscar forum was a great support for this upgrade so thanks to all who post!
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Story from losing interest to moving up to 125 gal 1 year 3 months ago #70558

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don't forget to take photos of the new tank. Your fish will be a lot happier in there :)
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Story from losing interest to moving up to 125 gal 1 year 3 months ago #70564

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Good for you! Sounds like a great setup! I know after taking a 25yr hiatus from the hobby, I got a 29g 4yrs ago that I thought was BIG, then a 55g that seemed huge! Then added a 75g. You did the right thing. A 6ft tank is the best route for an oscar w/ tank mates. When I was in the hobby in the late 1970s to mid 80s, all I kept were 10g and 20 longs.
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Story from losing interest to moving up to 125 gal 1 year 3 months ago #70565

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Good upgrade. I would suggest however that the tank is quite full with what you have, and you should not consider more fish. Re you water change method... why treat water in a barrel first? With any quality conditioner you can use tap water directly into the tank. Drain, add conditioner, refill. No need to pause or wait, the conditioner acts instantly. 30g is only 25% of your tank and you want to be doing more like 60-75% volume with each change anyways. Anything to simplify and ease workload, while still getting optimal results makes the hobby more enjoyable. I also second blackcougar's request.... pics please!
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