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TOPIC: Thermometers - are there any that actually work??

Thermometers - are there any that actually work?? 3 weeks 6 days ago #71196

  • Jessie
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Hey all!

I have just become so frustrated with the little stick on digital thermometers I decided I need to start researching some better options. Temp wise my tanks are pretty stable, most between 80 to just under 82 (Oscars in one, Dempsey and a convict in another, Angels in the third and snails in a fourth), but I REALLY don't trust most of the easily available thermometers I'm finding on the market anymore because I notice they vary pretty widely - I can stick three probes into the same tank and have each show a few degrees different.

I know it's probably not a dire problem and generally the temps don't fluctuate, but as I live in Vermont we do have a couple times a year when ambient temp goes through big changes and so I'll have to adjust a little bit to over or under set heaters to get them just right, which makes me really hanker for a thermometer that'll be very accurate and long lasting.

I just recently became aware of heater controllers, which seem like they might be the ticket but before I go investing I wanted to see what other folks recommend. What are some of your favorite digital thermometers or heater controllers?

Thanks for any thoughts!
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Thermometers - are there any that actually work?? 3 weeks 6 days ago #71197

  • toom
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I only use digital controllers on any heated tank. I prefer the ones of Aqua medic and Sera.
You not just get rid of a Thermometer in your tank replaced by a Sensor that is way more easy to hide, you also can switch and adjust temperature way more easy. Also it do not matter if your Manual heater adjustment gets crusty by lime and you can put multiple heaters on one Controller. Line you want two 300 Watt heaters but you can control it as one 600.

For analog and digital Thermometers not connected to an heater itself they are more an shot into the blue with 1 to 2 degrees Celsius difference between Brands.

For checking temperature i switched a couple of years ago to a laser gun based Thermometer that i also use for the BBQ and oven in the cooking temp region.
I have an fairly high quality one that can read temperature up to distances of 18 feet and also scale huminity but you can get regular ones for like 15 to 25 bucks.
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Thermometers - are there any that actually work?? 3 weeks 21 hours ago #71221

  • blackcougar
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I have the glass therometers that you stick inside the tank. Seems to work just fine and are more accurate then the ones that you stick on the side of the aquarium
or a digital one that Toom mentioned works just as well but are a little more expensive.
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Thermometers - are there any that actually work?? 2 weeks 4 days ago #71234

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Jessie, I hear you! 3-4yrs ago I bought a multi-pack of Chinese digital aquarium thermometers that were a Coralife knock-off. I forget how many. Could have been a 4-6pack IIRC. They were very low cost. Every damn one of them read differently by +/- 3degF or so. Not a huge deal, but when your working with a ~70-80F range or thereabouts, +/- 3 seems huge even though for normal day/day the fish won't even notice.
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