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TOPIC: Flow Test FACE OFF Eheim Pro 4+ 350 VS Hydor Pro 3

Flow Test FACE OFF Eheim Pro 4+ 350 VS Hydor Pro 3 1 week 3 days ago #69282

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True Flow Rate Test FACE OFF Eheim Professionel 4+ 350 VS Hydor Professional 350 External Canister Filters Review
Today we are comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the Eheim Pro 4 + 350 vs the Hydor Professional 350 series of external canister filters. Which Professionel / Professional will rise to victory in our head-to-head actual flowrate test and overall review?

We start by going over some of the features that we enjoy about both the Eheim aquarium canister filter and Hydor external fish tank filter. They are both easy to maintain, sleekly designed and well built aquarium fish tank filters.They are relatively compact making them easy to carry but still provide ample space for bio media, which is conveniently included with both units. In terms of build quality and ease of use these are among the best external canister filters for that purpose. Which is the best pro series canister filter? Stay Tuned

Before we begin the flow rate testing on our aquarium fish tank filters we start by cleaning them out. The Eheim Professionel 4 + is completely tore down, cleaned and filled with stock media. Similarly to the Eheim Pro 4, we do the same with the Hydor Professional canister filter.

After both external aquarium filters are cleaned out and put back to stock media included with each, we can start the flow rate test to find out exactly how many GPH (Gallons per hour) we are actually getting from the Eheim Pro 4 350 and the Hydor Pro 350. This should be a fair overall comparison to help determine which filter has the best overall flow rate.

Each unit has a similar flow rating. The Eheim Pro 4+ is rated at 278 GPH (Gallons Per Hour) while the Hydor Professional is rated at 280 GPH (Gallons Per Hour). What are the true flow rates with media and hosing and which unit has more power? You'll have to watch for the results.

In addition to the flow rate comparison test, we also go over the features of each of these canister filters and discuss the pros and cons of each unit.

The Eheim Professionel has a lot of nice easy to use features like a super simple mess free hose disconnect and an adjustable flow rate making it versatile. It is also ultra energy efficient and comes with a good selection of biological filter media.

The Hydor Professional has an easy fast setup. It also offers more options with the output offering both a spray bar and jet outlet. The Hydor also has swivel hose connects making it easy to install anywhere. It comes with decent bio filter media that is effective. Not to mention it is very powerful for such a compact size. It is also more affordable than the Eheim.

So what do you think? Are you Team Eheim or Team Hydor?
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Flow Test FACE OFF Eheim Pro 4+ 350 VS Hydor Pro 3 1 week 2 days ago #69284

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Hydor is likely one of the few companies that can compete with Eheim in filter efficiency and reliability. The prevailing question would be which filter has the most internal volume (media) capacity?
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Flow Test FACE OFF Eheim Pro 4+ 350 VS Hydor Pro 3 1 week 2 days ago #69289

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It's actually not a Point for the Hydor if he has more flow with less media.

Also if you compare it fair it don't has to be Gallon per hour but Watt per Gallon. Only this will show the superior pump.

Here the Eheim would be the clear winner but while i don't wanna smear Honey around Eheims face you also have to admit the Eheim Pro 4 is only an Eheim Pro 3 that is allready several years on the market in a different color and with an useless Feature.
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