Baby Brine Shrimp - DIY Hatchery and Hatching Instructions

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Everyone has there own way but this is mine.

I use 4 mason jars with an air splitter and a 1 inch air stone for each jar. Fill the first jar with fresh water to just under the rim. Get air stone bubbling in the jar making sure the stone is at the bottom. This is very important. Eggs have to be rotating at all times. Use a close pin on the airline to attach to side of jar if necessary.

  • Maintain a temperature of between 80 and 82 F in your brine shrimp hatcheries.
  • Add 1 TBLS of aquarium salt and let it totally dissolve. Next add 1 TSP. brine eggs and you are ready to go.
  • It takes 24 hours for a batch of brine to hatch and that is why you should have 4 jars going . Rotate.

When a jar is ready……… Place a flash light at the bottom of the jar ( without the air stone ) all the brine will gather there. Use a turkey baster and suck all the brine up and put them in the brine shrimp net with a jar underneath. Rinse the salt off the brine and put them in a container with a little fresh water covering them. Feed to your fry or store the fridge. They will keep for 36 hours. Freezing is recommended. You might want them in the future.

I use a heater from Walmart on the jars to keep the temp they need but in the summer I use a heating pad with a piece of plexy glass on top to avoid the possibility of the bubbles shorting the heating pad out. I also use plexy on top of the jars to reduce the salt spray. The use of a desk lamp over top of the hatchery is recommended also.

I hope this will give you a start. You can buy brine eggs from the LPS but they are very expensive. I buy from Brine Shrimp Direct.

One jar should make the 6 to 8 feedings till the fry are bigger.

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