Replacement Suction Cups

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Replacement Turtle Dock Suction Cups


Zoo Med Replacment Turtle Dock Suction Cups

by Kmuda


One of the shortcomings in the world of aquarium equipment are suction cups. Let's face it, suction cups suck.... and not necessarily in a good way. Wink

We need suction cups for almost everything that is placed into the aquarium. Heaters, filter intakes, spray bars, sponge filters, etc.... And suction cups that come with the equipment generally last for about 6 months before they only start to suck in the bad way. The rubber (or silicone) becomes oxidized and you wind up with a suction cup shaped rock that no longer has the flexibility to attach to the wall of the aquarium, leaving equipment that just will not stay where we want it. In some instances, such as with filter spray bars, this can become dangerous. We are at work, our Oscar goes on one of their tirads, and the next thing you know you have a spray bar that is now spraying water on the floor instead of in the tank.

So, provided we are going to do something about it, we have two options:

1. Magnetic Suction Cup Replacements, which are expensive

2. Have replacement suction cups on hand

I chose option 2 and in doing so, began the search for a "standard" replacement. What I found (or was actually steered to by Chile) were the Zoo Med Replacement Turtle Dock Suction Cups.

Why these?

The answer is simple. They are cheap and effective. Cost is $1.19 for four cups and I've used them everywhere. These cups are currently used to secure my Eheim 2215 and 2217 spray bars, the intakes on all of my Eheims, the intakes on my C-360, my Eheim Heaters, my Fluval Tronic Heaters, and my Rena Heater. They have also replaced the suction cups on each of my Azoo Sponge filters.

However, a word of warning is necessary. As stated, I use these everywhere, but they are not made for use "everywhere". As an example, using them as a replacement suction cup for Eheim equipment can be a bit of struggle as the "peg" on the Eheim clips (as it is on most equipment) is larger than these cups are designed for. To get them to work, soak the suction cups in some warm (to hot) water for a few minutes, then attach the cup to a solid surface, and use a pair of pliers to force then clip into the hole, spinning it when it starts to get seated (see the below example).


As proof, here are a pair of Eheim clips attached to these cups.


So I managed to find an inexpensive and (thus far) universal suction cup. Cheap enough that I always have them on hand so that my equipment always stays where I want it to.

You can go the magnetic route, at about $9 per cup. In my house I would need about 30 of these. Yes, it would be permanent, but at a total cost of almost $300.

You can buy Eheim Replacement cups at a cost of almost $1 per cup. Why, when I can get four of these for about the same cost?

So, there you go. A solution to an ongoing problem. Just load up on these cups, have them on hand, and whenever you notice a piece of equipment not adhering the way it should because the suction cup is now hard as a rock, replace it. One less ding on the frustation meter.

I purchase these online at http://www.BigAlsOnline.Com.