Aqueon Pro Heater

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Aqueon Pro Heater


  • Precision calibrated aquarium heater boasts durable construction 
  • Shatterproof aluminum-core aquarium heater is fully submersible
  • Electronic thermostat ensures accurate aquarium temperature settings 


Aqueon ProHeater ensures safe, easy and precise temperature control of your aquarium. Its power monitor light lets you know when the unit is heating (red) and when it has reached the set temperature (green). You'll never have to guess whether it's working or not. Precision calibrated heater with electronic thermostat features reliable temperature settings from 68 to 88°F with an accuracy of ±1°F.


Aqueon ProHeater safety features include auto shut off when left out of water and automatic restart when placed back in water. Fully submersible heater is made of shatterproof plastic (no glass) and features an aluminum core that distributes heat evenly. Place fully-submerged, vertically or horizontally, in your aquarium with included suction cups. Large control knob makes temperature modifications easy in convenient 4°F increments. UL listed. Cord length is 6 ft. For freshwater or marine aquariums.


Wattage Aquariums
up to
50 20 gallons 8.5"
100 30 gallons 10"
150 55 gallons 13.5"
200 75 gallons 13.5"
250 90 gallons 15"


Directions for installing and using your Aqueon ProHeater

Caution: Before working with or installing heater, be sure to read and understand all safety instructions and warnings.


Step 1
Attach suction cups: Remove sticker around power monitor light. Attach suction cups to heater. Attaching both suction cups will ensure proper positioning in your aquarium and will allow adequate water circulation around the heater for even heat distribution. Suction cups should be placed in the middle to upper portion of the heater.


Step 2
Set heater temperature: Turn the adjustment knob until it corresponds to the desired aquarium temperature. As all aquariums vary, further adjustment may be required to maintain desired temperature.


Step 3
Heater installation: Install heater in water filled aquarium. The heater works best when installed in the aquarium in the vertical position. The installation of the heater in this position requires that the aquarium must maintain a water level above the minimum water level on the heater. The heater can be installed in the aquarium in the horizontal position. The installation of the heater in this position requires that the heater be positioned fully submerged in water at all times.


Step 4
Plug into electrical outlet: Allow for heater to be submerged in water for a minimum of 30 minutes prior to powering the appliance. Once heater has been mounted and submerged for the 30 minutes, plug the appliance into an electrical outlet. Once plugged in, the heater will automatically start working and the power monitor light will illuminate. A red light indicates the unit is heating and a green light indicates the unit has reached the set temperature.


Step 5
Adjust temperature: Allow the heater to run for 24 hours at the original setting prior to adjusting. Check the aquarium water with a reliable thermometer. Should the heater need to be adjusted from the original setting, slightly turn the adjustment knob + or - the number of degrees, as needed. Once adjusted, wait 24 hours and repeat if necessary. Note: Do not over adjust the heater, this may cause harm to your aquarium inhabitants and environment. Make sure of the required temperature for your specific setup.


Aqueon Pro Heater Review

When Marineland Stealth Pro recalled their heaters, I was lucky enough to have a local store who exchanged my two 200W and one 100W heaters for these units. I had done some digging and these were the only ones I found that were both submersible and shatterproof.

I have been using them since and have been absolutely happy with them.

What we need to understand about these heaters is they are not new. Several years ago, in the way back machine, before manufacturing shifted to China, Marineland Stealth Pro Heaters were the preferred heater for use in a tank containing large aggressive fish such as Oscars. Prior to the shift to Chinese manufacturing, the Marineland Stealth Pro heaters were known for quality and durability. Subsequent to their manufacture in China, they became exploding aquarium bombs resulting in a recall of every Stealth Heater made in the last decade.

Aqueon came in behind Marineland, enlisting the same factory in Italy who designed and built the original Marineland Stealth Heaters. The result is the Aqueon Pro Heater. These are, in fact, updated models of the original Marineland Stealth heaters. If performing a side by side comparison of the original Stealth's with the Aqueon Pro, this becomes obvious. Aside from the inclusion of a indicator light and an improved temperature set dial, the heaters are identical, all of the way down to the machining grooves on the bottom of the heater.

Below is a photo of the original (Italian made) Marineland Stealth Pro (Top) and Aqueon Pro (Bottom). Except for the updates, the heaters are identical.

Stealth Pro and Aqueon Pro Side by Side

 The Aqueon Pro Heater is currently my recommended heater for an Oscar Tank.


  • Heater maintains a very steady temp with low duty cycle.
  • Easy to use with accurate dials (I test my water temp with a good external thermometer and it is within 0.5 degrees of the temperature setting. I also like that there is always an indicator, red heating, green not.
  • Quality: These are solid dependable units, no glass.
  • Cost: Substantially less expensive than I expected, especially compared to other shatterproof products.
  • Shatterproof. Just like it's original father, the Marineland Stealth Pro, these heaters are virtually indestructible. Your fish cannot harm them.
  • Only time will tell, but the suction cups on these heaters are a bit different, with deeper cups. I'm hopeful these cups will last longer than others.


  • Is the habit of Marineland Stealths exploding a design defect or a manufacturers defect? I'm voting manufacturers defect as it would be highly unlikely that a well run company (as Aqueon is) would risk themselves by duplicating a Marineland mistake. There have been no reports of the Italian made Stealth Pros or of the Aqueon Pro's exploding, only the Chinese made Stealth versions. I trust these heaters.

Eheim Jager Heater

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* Electronic aquarium heater with advanced new feature
* Fully submersible aquarium heater with dry-run protection
* Recalibrate heater to ensure ideal aquarium water temperatures



High-tech electronic aquarium heater you can recalibrate for ultimate temperature control. Eheim Jager Thermostat Heater allows easy manual recalibration to ensure precision aquarium temperature regulation. Quality German engineering boosts heater performance for improved efficiency and fully submersible operation in fresh or saltwater aquariums. Shatterproof laboratory glass housing resists cold water shock and thermo-safety control shuts heater off automatically when water level dips too low. ON/OFF indicator light for at-a-glance monitoring of heater operation. Adjustable temperature range from 64°F to 93°F with +/-0.5°F accuracy. Six foot power cord. Maximum outside diameter on all heaters is 1".



Watts Tank
(up to)
50 15 gallons 9"
75 26 gallons 10"
100 39 gallons 12"
125 52 gallons 12"
150 79 gallons 13"
200 105 gallons 15"
250 158 gallons 17"
300 264 gallons 19"



Eheim Jager Heater Review

by Kmuda


Finding a good heater is becoming more and more difficult these days. My heater of choice has long been the Fluval Tronic Heater but Fluval Management (or marketing... is there a difference?), in their infinite wisdom (or total lack of it), discontinued the Fluval Tronic line in leu of the Fluval E Series and Fluval M Series. As a result, after I decided it was time to replace both a Fluval Tronic that had been in use for almost 20 years (it was still working, I just decided to replace it) as well as an older (green color) Jager (pre-Eheim) heater that was almost as old, I started searching for the next "quality heater", only to discover what I already knew. They just do not make things as well as they used to.

However, since Eheim remains known for quality I decided to go for the Eheim Jager in two of my 55 gallon tanks. I do have to state I was apprehenisve since reviews on the Internet, while largely positive, did have a slew of negative experiences.

I should not have worried. These remain a quality heater.

Once you open the package and hold the filter in your hands you can feel the difference. This is a sturdy heater made of quality glass. As far as glass heaters go, this is as sturdy as they come. Big momma's as well. Both longer and larger in diameter than other heaters I've worked with. 

I have no complaints. I took the heaters out of the box, turned the dial to 80 (I keep my tanks at 80), placed them into the tanks, waited about 1/2 hour, unplugged the old heaters, plugged in the Eheims, pulled out the old heaters, and moved on with my life. No fiddle to it it. It just worked. No worries, no frustration, no problems. What more could you want?

Both of my Eheim Jager heaters have been in use for the better part of 2 years and I've experienced no issues. Even left one accidently plugged in while doing a water change. It survived, which is more than could be said for most heaters.


  • Steady Temperature: Heater maintains a very steady temp without stressing (as in it's not always on).
  • Ease of Use: Outside of the intital temp set, I've never had to adjust my heaters. I just set the dial on 80 and that's where it's been. They do have a "recalibration" feature I hope I never have to use, but it's nice to know it's capable of baselining it's base temp to allow for accuracy of the dial (those old school fish keepers know what I mean, back in the day, the "dial" was worthless).
  • Quality: These things just feel like a quality piece of equipment. Hold one of these in your hand next to a Fluval M and it's like the difference between a Cadillac and a Dodge Neon. There is no comparison.
  • Cost:For a quality piece of equipment, cost is reasonable. Certainly less than a Fluval E.
  • Made by Eheim:For the Eheim fanclub, nothing beats an Eheim. While not officially a member, I am on the mailing list. Wink
  • Made in Germany: Which means.... Not made in China.


  • Glass Heater without a Guard:  While it's obviously quality high density glass, it's still a glass heater and there are no heater guards available for them. Unless you are the DIY type capable of manufacturing your own guard from PVC, this is not a heater for an Oscar tank. An Oscar will eventually break it. Aside from breakage, heater guards protect your fish from accidental burns.

Fluval E Series Heater

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* Innovative electronic heater for fresh and saltwater aquariums
* Advanced aquarium heater detects abnormal or non-optimal conditions
* Heater microprocessor monitors and displays aquarium water temperature


The most technologically advanced submersible aquarium heaters available today. Fluval E Series heaters employ an advanced digital microprocessor to continuously monitor and display aquarium water temperature. Internal thermal sensor continuously samples aquarium water temperature for greater accuracy and reliability. Innovative color-coded temperature alert feature changes LCD screen color if aquarium water temperature varies from the pre-set temperature (Green = Safe Zone, Red = High Temperature Alert, Blue = Low Temperature Alert). Easy-to-use adjustment lever allows precision temperature settings in 0.5° increments and integrated heater guard offers advanced protection for fish and invertebrates. For fresh and saltwater aquariums.



•Electronic Technology: Electronic monitoring system, thermal sensor, and LCD temperature display
•Precise Temperature Setting: With the easy to use adjustment lever, the temperature can be precisely set in 0.5° increments.
•Advanced Safety: The integrated fish guard offers advanced protection. Fish and invertebrates cannot come into direct contact with the heater core. The heater is protected against shocks from large fish.
•Mounting Bracket: The heater easily clips on or off of the slim line mounting bracket or can be vertically adjusted for precise placement. The included adapter provides the option of side glass mounting when traditional rear glass mounting is not possible.


Model Length Max. Aquarium Size
50W 10" up to 15 gallons
100W 11-3/4" up to 30 gallons
200W 13-3/4" up to 65 gallons
300W 13-3/4" up to 100 gallons

Downloadable Fluval E Series Heater Instructions PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

Please click on "More Information" for directions for use.

Fluval E Heater Review

by Kmuda


Finding a good heater is becoming more and more difficult these days. Due to the habit of Marineland Stealths exploding and their subsequent recall I needed new heaters for my Oscar Tank. Being an Oscar tank, use of the Eheim Jager heaters was not an option as they are a glass heater (and, for some reason, Heater Guards are not available). While there are various titanium heaters on the market, research identifies few of them get decent reviews and those that do are generally very expensive. This left me with two basic options, a Fluval E or a Rena Smartheater (note: this was written before the Aqueon Pro was released, it is a very viable option for an Oscar tank). Having had such historical good luck with the Fluval Tronic Heaters (albeit not so good luck with the Fluval M), I decided to go ahead and try the Fluval E.

I made a good choice. I am happy.

Don't let the "high technology" marketing scare you away. The technology is used to make things simple, not complicated. I've never owned a heater that was easier to "set" a desired temp. The LCD display makes it very simple to identify the current temp and the fact that the display changes colors makes it very simple to determine temperature safety at a glance (Red = Too Hot, Green = Just Right, Blue - Too Cool).

I've been using this heater for several years and have not experienced any issues. Many of the design concepts associated with the Fluval Tronics were transferred over to the Fluval E and I've had a Fluval Tronic in use for almost 20 years. If the Fluval E is anywhere near as reliable, it's worth every penny.

As for comparison to an Eheim Jager? The quality of glass used in the Eheim is obviously much higher. The Fluval E glass quality would be closer to a Fluval M. However, the Fluval E does come packed inside a very sturdy heater guard and has stood up well to my Oscar's attempts to rearrange the tank.

The Fluval E is an excellent choice for an Oscar Tank.


  • Steady Temperature: Heater maintains a very steady temp. I have only a single 300 watt Fluval E running on a 120 gallon tank and am having no problems maintaining a steady 80 degree temp.
  • Ease of Use: I've never had a heater that was easier to set and monitor. To adjust the temp, simply move a level at the top of the heater left or right (to adjust up or down) and the LCD display will identify your selected temperature.
  • LCD Display: Easy to read display serves multiple functions. Not only does it eliminate the need for a secondary thermometer (which are another hazard in an Oscar Tank) it also allows you to notice, at a glance, temperature safety via color changes in the display.
  • Heater Guard: Any heater placed into an Oscar tank must be indestructible (or close to it). This is either accomplished via the heater being constructed of non-breakable material or via protection of the glass components by a sturdy guard. The Fluval E glass components are well packaged inside a sturdy heater guard.


  • Cost: Heater cost more than standard heaters but is lower in cost than quality Titanium Heaters.
  • Unplug During Water Changes: This should be done for any heater, even ones identified as "self shutoff". However, I would consider it an absolute requirement for a Fluval E Series Heater. 

Fluval M Series Heater

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  • European-made aquarium heater boasts quality performance
  • Shock-resistant glass heater mirrors aquarium surroundings
  • Maintain proper water temperature AND aquarium aesthetics

Ultra modern design meets reliable European aquarium heater technology. The Fluval M Series Submersible Heater is a welcomed departure from bulky unsightly heaters. This beautifully-designed submersible aquarium heater features a reflective shock-resistant borosilicate glass tube that houses superior components including a computer calibrated thermostat-all backed by a 16 point quality assurance program. Easy-to-adjust temperature control dial allows temperature settings between 66-86° Fahrenheit. Elegant, slim-profile heater occupies less space and unique mirror-like surface reflects surrounding colors to blend harmoniously into the aquarium environment. The Fluval M Series Submersible Heater is safe for fresh and saltwater aquariums. Submersible to water line on heater.

Model Length Max. Aquarium Size Max. Depth
50W 11" 15 gallons 8"
100W 11" 30 gallons 8"
150W 13" 45 gallons 10"
200W 13" 65 gallons 10"
300W 15" 80 gallons 12"

General Information

Fluval M Series premium heaters are quality manufactured in Europe using superior components and construction. These include the heat and shock-resistant borosilicate reflective glass tube, heat-resistant techno-polymer conductor harness, high temperature-resistant heating element, silver-nickel contact points, machine assembled thermostatic blade, computer calibrated thermostat and 16 point quality assurance program. Fluval heaters can be trusted for exceptional performance and unsurpassed reliability.

Unique only to the Fluval M Series, the reflective technology helps maintain the aquariums natural look as the heater reflects the color of the surroundings.


  • Easy to adjust temperature dial
  • Exclusive slim profile tube
  • Reflective technology-Unique to Fluval, the reflective technology maintains the aquariums natural look as the heater reflects the colors of the surroundings
  • Shock-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Cool blue ON/OFF Indicator lamp
  • High-density ceramic Heat Sink extends heating efficiency
  • Exclusive sealing system protects against water penetration
  • High temperature silver-nickel pointed thermostat for extended accuracy and service life
  • Long life suctions cups


Fluval M Heater Review

by Kmuda


Finding a good heater is becoming more and more difficult these days and having historically had such good luck with Fluval Tronic Heaters, I decided to try Fluval's latest heater, the Fluval M.

It was a mistake.

Ignore the "Reflective Technology" marketing hype. It's a bad simulation of a mirror. It does not hide in the background at all. But that is not the real problem. My heater only lasted about 3 months in 55 gallon tank containing nothing but a Pleco. It will still heat the water, but cracks are clearly visible in the glass, so it has been removed and trashed. A closer inspection identifed water has indeed made it into the heater. A disaster waiting to happen.

Might work great in a tank containing small fish (like guppies and tetras) but this heater cannot be recommended in anything containing fish of anything approaching substantial size. The heater certainly should not be considered for an Oscar Tank (or any large cichlid). You'll also need to apply caution when performing maintenance or cleaning. A decent accidental bump of the heater against the glass may cause breakage.


  • Steady Temperature: While it lasted, it maintained a very steady temp.
  • Appearance: Disregarding the marketing hype, the heater is a sleek looking heater and the blue light (means on) indicator is cool (in the true sense of the word).
  • Easy to Adjust: The temperature knob is very easy to move in small increments, which allows for smooth adjustments of the temperature.


  • The darn thing has cracks in it after 3 months of use, from nothing more than a Pleco.