Azoo 9 in 1 Arowana Sticks Ingredients Analysis

Written by Kmuda. Posted in 2 Star Foods

Azoo Arowanna Sticks

Crude Protein

30.0% min

Crude Fat

6.0% min

Crude Fiber

5.0% max


9.0% max


0.8% min

Azoo 9 in 1 Arowana Sticks Ingredients:

Fish Powder, Flour, Spirulina, Wheat Powder, Fish Liver, Fish Oil, Krill, Astacine, Carotenoids, PSB, Yeast Powder, Glucan, Salt, Multivitamins, Minerals.


Azoo 9 in 1 Arowana Sticks Ingredients Analysis

The primary ingredient is Fish Powder. We’ll assume something has been lost in translation and this is a reference to fish meal. Fish meal is potentially comprised of the leftovers (scales, skin, bones, internal organs) deemed unsuitable for human consumption. We have no way of measuring the quality of the meal being used. The source of Azoo fish meal is unknown. As a result, the quality, subsequent nutritional value, and protein content, are questionable.

Spirulina is sometimes called “The Most Nutritious Food on the Planet”. Rich in raw protein and seven major vitamins: A1, B1, B2, B6, B12 (one of the best natural sources for B12, although the bioavailability of its B12 is in dispute by many researchers), C and E. It naturally contains beta-carotene, color enhancing pigments, and a whole range of minerals. In addition, Spirulina has 62% amino acid content and contains all essential fatty acids and eight amino acids required for complete nutrition. t is easily digested due to the fact that Spirulina cells do not have cellulose walls.

Subsequent use of fish liver and krill are appreciated. We do not know if the krill in use is preferred Antarctic Krill or Pacific Krill.

Even though three of the first 5 ingredients are preferred products, with the quality of fish meal in use being a questionable, backed by the relatively low overall protein percentage of 30%, considering products such as Spirulina, Fish Liver, and Krill are high protein ingredients, the overall protein profile of this food is questionable.

Fish oil can be either a beneficial ingredient or a hazardous one. Human grade fish oil collected from specific specifies of fish and screened for mercury will provide necessary omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids as well as protein. Non-human grade fish oil may not be screened for mercury and originate from fish with reduced omega 3 content.

This food contains no preferred plant proteins.

We’ll assume “Astacine, Carotenoids,” are a reference to astaxanthin, a color enhancing carotenoid and powerful antioxidant. PSB is a completely unknown ingredient.

It is not know if this food contains Ethoxyquin, “artificial colors”, and/or Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (synthetic vitamin K.) . However, absent a manufactures statement that these products are not used, we must assume they are.

Oscarfish.Com Rating: 2 Star

The likely existence of Ethoxyquin (or other undesired preservative), Menadione Sodium Bisulfite, and Artifical colors, in addition to questionable preferred protein contents of this food, combined with an absence of preferred plant proteins (as a natural source of vitamins and minerals) prevents this food from receiving a rating higher than 2 star.

Understanding Oscarfish.Com Ratings:

This review is an attempt to analyze the ingredients, rating them from 1 (worst) to 6 (best) in an effort to judge quality based upon three simple criteria. 

  1. Absence of toxic, potentially toxic, and controversial ingredients
  2. Aquatic Animal protein and Preferred Plant Proteins as the primary protein sources
  3. A fully nutritious food to include necessary vitamins and minerals with natural sources of vitamins and minerals being preferred. 

These basic concepts apply:

  • Any food that utilizes Ethoxyquin, BHA, or BHT as preservatives, cannot rate higher than a 4 star food.
  • Use of artificial colors prevents rating higher than a 4 star food.
  • Any food that utilizes Menadione Sodium Bisulfite (Synthetic Vitamin K, aka K3) cannot rate higher than a 5 star food.
  • Inclusion of the “Whole Fish”, or “Whole Krill” (in meal form or not) is preferred over fish meal or krill meal.
  • In order to achieve a 5 or 6 star rating, the quality of the meal must be known.
  • In order to achieve a 6 star rating, the “Whole Fish’ (or whole animal) must be used, either in meal form or in sufficient quantities outside of meal Form.
  • Inclusion of sufficient quantities of preferred plant proteins is a bonus with sufficient Spirulina content being a significant bonus.
  • Use of prebiotics or probiotics is a bonus